The "Sumiyoshi Shrine Festival" was held

The "Sumiyoshi Shrine Festival", also known as "Mizukake (water-tossing) Festival", was held for three days, starting from Saturday August 1st, in the area of Tsukishima and Tsukuda (Tokyo).


This Grand Festival takes place in the Sumiyoshi Shrine, a place closely related to the first Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu. Usually it is held once every three years, but since this year marks two special milestones, the 370th anniversary of the shrine's foundation and 400 years since Ieyasu's death, this time the festival was even more glamorous than usual.


At CBC, whose headquarters are located in Tsukishima, the employees who are keen on this festival take part in it every year. The space in front of our office entrance serves also as a place to rest for the bearers of the portable shrines. This year, despite the extremely hot weather, the employees carried the portable shrine together with the locals, in a genuinely festive atmosphere. While - being on the waterfront - the Tokyo downtown area is progressing toward globalization, we want to keep on treasuring Japan's cultural heritage and maintain a strong connection with the local residents.